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Pathways Workshop Postponed

UC Santa Barbara has cancelled all campus activities, classes and events for August and the Pathways workshop is postponed until 2021. While we were hoping that the pandemic would get wrestled into submission sooner rather than later, the virus seems set to run its own course on its own timeline. At this point, we are thinking of targeting a similar date range in August 2021 for the rescheduled workshop. Please check back in late January 2021 to submit a workshop application.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
Christine Morrow
Dotti Pak
Workshop Organizers


Many young scientists spend years developing leadership, communication, and entrepreneurial skills on their own. The Pathways to the Workforce workshop will guide you through acquiring and using these skills early, so you can accelerate into a career of scientific success and creating accessible, innovative technology.

Where will the workshop be?

This multi-day workshop will take place at the University of California, Santa Barbara, from August 16–18, 2020. The event is organized by the NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers at the University of Colorado Boulder and UC Santa Barbara.

Why should you attend?

As a researcher, you have been trained to turn observation into inspiration and to come up with clever solutions to global challenges. The path to making these ideas a reality, however, often remains elusive. Pathways to the Workforce will allow you to acquire valuable experiences from accomplished scientists, practice networking with industry professionals, and explore paths to industry, academia, or to forming your own start-ups. Interactive workshop sessions will help you discover and develop your leadership style, sharpen your oral and written communication skills, learn about entrepreneurship, and forge your own path in STEM.

Who can apply?

The workshop is open to undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs who are active members and partners of NSF Materials Science and Engineering Centers (MRSECs) and Partnerships in Research and Education in Materials center (PREMs), as well as to students who have completed an REU at a MRSEC or PREM site. We also encourage undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs in the broader materials science community to apply.

2020 Application opens Saturday, 1 February 2020

How much will it cost?

All participant expenses are covered. There is no workshop registration fee and participants will be provided with materials, meals, and housing. Travel expenses to and from the workshop will also be reimbursed.

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