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Travel Information

Flying to California

Santa Barbara has a small airport with service from United, American and Alaska Airlines. There are regular flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as from Denver, Dallas, Seattle, Portland and Phoenix. From Los Angeles Airport (LAX) you have the option to travel on to Santa Barbara through a connecting flight to the Santa Barbara Airport or by road via the Santa Barbara Airbus or rental car.

Guests arriving at the Santa Barbara Airport, Amtrak terminals and Airbus stops should make arrangements for transportation to the UC Santa Barbara campus, a ten-minute drive from the airport.

The Santa Barbara Airbus provides several daily trips between Los Angeles International Airport and Santa Barbara. Reservations are strongly recommended. United States and Canada residents can call toll free at (800) 423-1618 (toll-free US/Canada). For those residing outside North America, call (805) 964-7759 or make your reservations online at www.sbairbus.com. Advance reservations and parties of two or more receive a discount. All Airbus passengers heading for the UC Santa Barbara campus need to disembark at the Goleta stop and will need to make arrangements to continue to campus.

Train Service and Schedules

Amtrak terminals are located in Santa Barbara, 12 to 15 miles from UC Santa Barbara, and in Goleta, 5 miles from campus. You may then take a taxi or SuperRide Shuttle from the downtown train station to campus.

The Santa Barbara MTD Bus Service

The Santa Barbara MTD bus service is an inexpensive option for travelers connecting from the Santa Barbara Airport to UC Santa Barbara. Line 11 provides a direct commute from the Santa Barbara Airport to the UCSB campus. Please call 805-683-3702 or visit www.sbmtd.gov for information on bus fares and schedules.

Local Taxi Cab Company Information

Taxis are available at the Santa Barbara Airport. All three local taxi companies provide pick-up and drop-off services 24 hours a day.
     • Gold Cab Goleta (tel. 805-685-9797)
     • Yellow Cab Goleta (tel. 805-964-2120)
     • Orange Cab (tel. 805-964-2800)

Travel Reimbursements

A travel reimbursement of up to $600 is available for workshop participants. Reimbursement processing will be initiated on-site at the workshop.

Please review the following University of California travel policy to ensure that your travel is reimbursable:
     • All participants are required to fly coach/economy class.
     • Air travel to the US to and from a foreign destination must be on a US flag carrier, such as American, United, or Delta, etc. The ticket, or documentation for an electronic ticket, must identify the US carrier's designator code and flight number:
       * Example of an Allowable code: AA 1234 operated by QF 4321
        *Example of an Unallowable code: QF 4321 operated by AA 1234
     • If you are driving your own vehicle, please provide your license plate number and a print out of map/directions showing the mileage for your trip.
     • If you are renting a vehicle, all participants are required to rent a compact/economy car for it to be reimbursable.
     • All receipts must show that payment was made.
     • Please provide the mailing address where you would like your check to be sent and your email address.

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